Music is a principal way of communication. We create the musical profile for your business.
Vibezone is a world of clubbing, curating, counselling, lectures and music production for the love of music.

This is what we do

Lounge-gigs with an unique edge - we know the score
Special events
CD compilations
Music mixes
Music for websites
Musical counselling and creating a musical profile on special events such as award events, company come-togethers, receptions, hotel lounges, restaurants, fashion, film, radio, theatre, concerts, clubs...
Lectures on music - how music is a tool for management behaviour, clubculture and many other topics.

If you have special requests, feel free to contact us. Write us an e-mail
Phone: +45-3585 2612
Mobile: +45-40 872 872

We have worked with companies like Propaganda McCann, FDIH, Hotel 27, Hotel Skt. Petri, Avenue Hotel, Det Kgl Teater, G-Star, Levi's, Discowax/Warner, Rust, Danmarks Radio, Novo, Danish Arts Council, Kaospilots, McKenzie's ao.