2013 October Exhibition with the art group MULT 

Check this video from MULT

Katrine Ring exhibits music and improvisations made on the site like this one captured on video, when a little girl walked up to Katrine and instantly began to play with her on the toolbox and EFX.

2013 August 2 Copenhagen Opera Festival  SIN Stemmer I Natten

 Katrine Ring wrote an entire concert based on The Magic Flute and the sounds from the streets from the metropolis of Copenhagen and Noerreport for Copenhagen Opera Festival to be performed in the middle of the city with 10 singers and a rapper. The vocal ensemble Glas, Laila Skovmand, Regina Unnur Olafsdottir, Nicolai Broeng Elsberg and Ali Sufi joined Katrine Ring for a journey in the soundscape of Copenhagen a o  The Bicycle Bell Symphony and the classical dj-mix between the parts of the concert. See all the videos here  

2013 February 8 to April 1st  The Roads to.... 

Exhibition at the Karen Blixen Museum with 10  artists exploring the art and life of the author Karen Blixen. The artists are actors, a rethorican, visual artists, a jewel designer and dj Katrine Ring partecipates with an outdoor sound installation where you can hear the voice of Karen Blixen singing with the birds. Listen to Karen Blixens Song


 2012 November Release Street Art Calendar Denmark 2013

 Katrine Ring as a photographer has documented Danish street art with 365 photos from all over Denmark.Out now on Forlaget Radius 150 kroner at bookshops, museums and online at   


2012 August 30 and 31. Rued Langgaard Festival

Dj-gig and liveperformance with the pianist Jens Elvekjaer and the poet Ursula Andkjaer Olsen at theLanggaard Festival in Ribe, Denmark. Listen to the live-recordings with Jens Elvekjaer and with Ursula Andkjær Olsen. Ursula and I also did Debussys Prelude of a Faun  - great fun!

2012 May 23rd New CD

Release of the cd A Hand For Holmboe - Deconstructions by Katrine Ring out now on Dacapo Records. International release July 2012. See the VIDEO and see reviews here 

2012 March 23rd

The newly remoulded Umbrella Girl (Paraplypigen) by the artist and sculpturer Lise Ring is celebrated and revealed in Sakskoebing. The statue was abducted and stolen as seen on the surveillancevideo. The good people in this city claimed her back and raised money to remould her and reinstall her on her original place. DJ Katrine Ring was the model for the sculpture and followed the moulding process during weeks. She recorded the sounds of the Umbrella Girl and performed the sound art work live in the church on the day of the celebration. It's called The Umbrella Girl (Paraplypigen).    

2012 Feb 1 - April 25

Yellow Lounge at Avenue Hotel is back for the spring season with classical music every wednesday presented and mixed by djs Katrine Ring and Stephan Bomberg. We have three miniconcerts during this period. And we have a collaboration with the fabulous loudspeakers from Funktion One. Listen to the sound!


2011 November

Katrine Ring is a weekly host of the dj show Natsvaermeren (The Moth) at Danish National Radio P2. It's a dj show with classical music and it's broadcasted every night between 10 and 12. Katrine mixes and cuts away the boring bits. She presents newcomers and new composers and classical mash ups. Link to Natsvaermeren.

2011 Nov 6 Musik i Mørke/DR

Katrine Ring composes and mixes Musik i Mørke (Music In The Dark) at Studio 3 at DR Koncerthuset on sunday Nov 6. It's composed for 8 loudspeakers - 4 of them are Orbit portable loudspeakers (thanks to Altec Lancing). It will be performed in the dark 12-16 times during a timespan between 14 to 18 o'clock. Something to experience! Part of the celebration of P2 with classical music - see more here

 2011 Oct 21 & 22 Tversted Jazzy Days

Katrine Ring is invited as the first dj to play at the festival Tversted Jazzy Days. She'll play jazz and jazzfunk. Saturday she shares the stage with icelandic jazzfunk monsters Mezzoforte. See more here

2011 Oct 8 DJ Maestro

Dj Maestro from The Netherlands joins Katrine Ring on the jazzy, soulful decks at Honey Ryder Lounge at Hotel 27 in Copenhagen. Yeaaaah!


September 2011

Katrine Ring lectures on street art based on her book Walk This Way - out now on Forlaget Radius. Book a lecture now



September 1, 2 and 3 2011

DJ Katrine Ring is invited to the Rued Langgaard Festival at Ribe, Denmark, to perform three dj-sets based on Langgaards works, compose a couple of sweet surprises and to perform improvisations with the renowned Danish pianist Berit Johansen Tange and the wonderful Nightingale String Quartet. Read more about it here.

August 2011

Dj Katrine Ring is in the studio mixing the album "A Hand For Holmboe"/ "En Hånd til Holmboe". It's dekonstructions/remixes based on the Danish composer Vagn Holmboes chamber concerts. Release later this autumn on Dacapo. 

July 26 to August 14 2011

Every sunday during the summer Yellow Lounge will take place on the main stage in Tivoli in Copenhagen. Members of the Tivoliguard will join dj Katrine Ring during the classical dj-sets and some of the members will perform improvisations of classical music with Katrine on efx. Listen to the bassoonist Hannibaal Al Awssi with Katrine here . More about Yellow Lounge in Tivoli here.

May 7 to September 18 2011 Exhibition Walk This Way

Katrine Ring is the curator of the big exhibition of art in the streets of Koege in Denmark at KOES Museum of art in public spaces. Co-curators are Streetheart. Participating artists are Brad Downey, Akay, Armsrock, Josefine Günschel, Pink Army, Phucisme, Moss Couture, Mormor, Don John, Papfar, Swoon, Tejn, Basco 5, Sten & Lex, Stickkontakt and Ultra Grøn. It's stretching from the museum, out in the streets and down in the harbour. It has received massive attention and good reviews. More about the exhibition here


April 28 2011

Bookrelease! My new book Walk This Way is released. It's about the Danish street art culture with lots of photos. It's written in Danish and English.The cover by the Danish artist Mormor. The publisher is Forlaget Radius   


March 24, 25, 26 2011

Katrine Ring & Yellow Lounge bring love to everybody with a classical dj set dripping with sentimentallity and luuurv at the Lovers Concerts with DR Underholdningsorkester and James Crabb on accordeon.


February 10 2011

Katrine Ring talks about her life with the arts on the national radio DR P1 Vita

December 28 2010

Katrine Ring turns 50 and is celebrated in the newspapers. Here it's Politiken





November 2010 and ongoing

Vibezone djs Tony M and Katrine Ring are now resident djs at Barbarellah in Copenhagen. Every thursday after live performances with renowned Al Agami & Rap Rehab and Kuku Agami & 5 to 8 Crew! It's funk, soul, down and dirty!

November 25 2010 Katrine Ring talks about sound and functionality of sound during the ongoing concert of Animal Collective. See also a little footage from her mini concert with Bolette Roed (recorderplayer) and katrine on laptop from Yellow Lounge. See it all in the tv show Kulturgeist at DR-K 

October 2010 OUT NOW!

The new Europe Street Art Calendar 2011 is out now on Forlaget Radius. 365 photos of street art in Denmark and in Europe, documented by Katrine Ring. This is the third year of the street art calendar, thanks to the thriving scene of active street artists. Buy it here DKR 150.

October 20 2010

A lecture on the outstanding art experience at the exhibition venue Charlottenborg in Copenhagen (DK). Katrine Ring will perform her new composition Apples in a Wheelbarrow with the excellent recorder player Bolette Roed. The lectures are by art critic Torben Sangild and editor at the National Danish Broadcasting Esben Tange.

September 17 2010

The spectacular violinist Daniel Hope visits Denmark this week. After the concert at DR Koncerthuset friday he will join the youth orchestra Druen and Yellow Lounge at the foyer. Katrine Ring will play between sets and after and is looking forward to meet one of her favourite musicians at Yellow Lounge. See more here  


September 15 2010

The new season opens up for Yellow Lounge at Avenue Hotel in Copenhagen. The new season will present dates with The Brahms Festival on Oct. 27 and collaborations between resident dj Katrine Ring and musicians/composers. Dates will be released asap. Every wednesday from 20 to 23. See you there!

September 9 2010

The Vibezone @TS is a new monthly club thriving on the soulful house, nujazz and soul. Dj's are Tony M, the young and talented Chris Minus and Katrine Ring. The second thursday of the month from 11 o'clock til late. it's at Studiestræde 14 A in Copenhagen and you can join us via the guestlist here

August 10 2010

Kidnapped? Today it was published that the sculpture The Umbrella Girl (Paraplypigen) is stolen from the Sakskoebing Square (DK) on the night between july 29 and 30. It's a waterfountain in bronze made by the renowned artist Lise Ring. And Katrine Ring is the model. There has been no ransom mentioned.

July 4 2010
Katrine Ring is interviewed by DR P2 Jazz for almost an hour about Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2010 and plays great new jazztracks for the dancefloor listen here
July 2nd 2010
Jazzdance! Afterparty at Copenhagen Jazzhouse after the official opening of Copenhagen Jazzfestival? Vibezone dj's will perform a massive jazzdance event with guests from the UK - here for the first time in Denmark. The famous Jazzcotechdancers will perform their great moves. They have collaborated with Jamiroquai and James Brown - just to mention a few! Be there.
June 10 2010
Tony M dj's at the private club TS at Thomas Madvigs place in Copenhagen on thursday from 22.00 til 2.
June 9 - 19 2010
Katrine takes part in the artproject Streets of Cairo with Danish and Egyptian dj's, artists, photographers and cooks in Cairo. She´ll perform with local dj Tito at the Orchid June 9 , at Cairo Jazz Club on two occasions and at the great culture institution Al Sawy CultureWheel a.o. She'll also record the sounds of the city for sound art works to be produced on the spot. See the blog
May 28 2010
Katrine Ring was one of the guests at Kulturkontoret on national radio DR1 talking about the Eurovision Songcontest 2010. Read more here
May 26 2010
Video: Katrine Ring is the dj star on a bicycle on her way to Avenue Hotel and the weekly club of classical music Yellow Lounge. The voiceover is pure jazzpoetry, though! Uh, and dressed in G-Star Raw. Have a look
May 18 2010
The legendary jazz venue Montmartre in Copenhagen has reopened after 17 years. Katrine Ring will be the first dj to perform at the new Montmartre in a showcase with labelmanagers from Verve and Blue Note. Bonusinfo; Katrine used to be on a dj contract with Montmartre and still has the 16 pages contract she signed then!
May 1st  2010
Good evening, friends. Dexter Jazzdance in Odense will once again present the young funksters in Christoffer Find Band feat. Katrine Ring on laptop. Katrine will dj before and after the concert. Be there.  
March 2010
Tony M and DJ Alex Puddu initiate the new  clubevening Bring Back The Saturday at Copenhagen Jazzhouse. Lots of grooves, funk, soul disco and bossa on the last saturday of the month.
March 27 was massive and people wouldn't stop dancing. Next saturday is April 24th. Look out! 
March 27 2010
Katrine Ring is interviewed about street art on national tv DR-K. To be watched today and look out for re-runs.
Happy new year 2009/2010
We say goodbye to Hotel 27 - home to great dj-jazzevenings for almost three years. We will miss you. Tony M and Katrine Ring continue their musical thread at Bar Rouge at the fivestar designerhotel Sct Petri in Copenhagen. 
November 7 2009
Dexter Jazzdance at Jazzhouse Dexter in Odense. Don't miss it! Katrine will play raw jazzdance and Christoffer Find Band feat. Katrine on laptop will play funky and live together for the first time. Be there or else.... Dexter, Vindegade, Odense-DK. 22-02. Free entrance.
October 12 2009
Copenhagen Street Art Calendar 2010 is out now on Forlaget Radius. Once again Katrine Ring has photographed 365 pieces of street art in Copenhagen. See Danish version and English version Purchase for 149,29 DKR here
August 15 2009
At 18.30 Debut concert with the electronic latin combo Chili at Barbarellah Streetparty at Ahlefeldtsgade in Copenhagen. Chili is Katrine (laptop/electr.), Morten Groenvad (vibes) and Trond Clements (sax). We will play our hit "Sol Over Bryggen" - only available on cd/download of The Nat&Dag vol.2.
August 2009
Katrine and Tony M are back at Bar Rouge at Copenhagens finest designerhotel Hotel Skt. Petri. We continue our work at Hotel 27. Katrine continues her classic dj-sessions of Yellow Lounge at the Avenue Hotel in september.


July 11 2009
Copenhagen Jazzfestival; Katrine (laptop) plays with the Band Is On with Maj-Britt Kramer (pia), Lotte Anker (sax) and Mads Emil Nielsen (dr) at Hacienda in the HC Orstedspark  at 3 pm.
July 3 & 4 2009
Katrine plays at the Asfalt Festival at Torshavn, Faroe Island.
May 30
Katrine is appointed the host at the Danish Music Award for Jazz 2009. The great party takes place at DR-Byen in Copenhagen from 9 0'clock till round midnight. Fine Danish names like Entrance, Magnus fra Gården, Little Red Suitcase and Caroline Henderson will play live.  The show is transmitted live at DR P2.
March 13 and 14 2009
Katrine re-, de- and overall-constructs the works of the great Danish classic composer Vagn Holmboe for his 100 year anniversary at her first solo-concert at the Holmboe-festival 2009 in Horsens, Denmark. 
February 16 2009
Nat & Dag Vol.2 is released by Discowax/Warner. More contemporary Danish jazz classics compiled by Katrine & Tony M. Katrine is featured with the Danish trio Chili and the debutrelease Sol Over Bryggen. A jazzfunky latin-track.
February 2009
Dexters JazzDance continues in Odense - the only Danish JazzDance clubnight! Next dates are Feb 7 and April 4. Keep that jive alive!
November 24 2008
Katrine performs two compositions with pianist Majbritt Kramer, saxplayer Pernille Bevort and percussionist Lisbeth Diers at the IMPRA-concert at Copenhagen Jazzhouse. This is a first time and a one-off.
November 2008
Street Art Calendar 2009 out ultimo november. 365 photos of Danish street art photographed by Katrine Ring and released by Forlaget Radius. A Vibezone-production for 129, 95 kr or 20 €. Buy it here

October 8 2008

Reload Classics: Katrine performs the soundscapes Bach Mobil 1-8 with Aarhus Sinfonietta; Canons by Bach/Abrahamsen. The concert takes place at Voxhall in Aarhus.

September 27 2008

Jazz dance in Odense at Jazzhouse Dexter! Vibezone plays jazz for the dancefloor on three occasions this autumn; 27/9, 8/11 and 6/12. Be there! From 22-02.

September 18 2008 - January 11 2009
Katrines shoes are on display. Her colourful collaboration with the famous Danish Jaco Form Shoe is part of the exhibition Shoes at the design museum Trapholt in Kolding.
September 12 2008 - January 2009

Katrine is on exhibition! The Danish sculpturer Agnete Madsen (1923-1997) created a portrait of a very young Katrine. Nobody knew about the portrait, but it was found during the research for the Agnete Madsen retrospective exhibition at the Fuglsang Museum.
August 2008

Tivoli goes gay-day saturday august 9. Katrine plays gay jazz - not to be confused with happy jazz!

Harmonipavillion 8-10 pm.

July 2008

Vibezone has returned from Budapest. Tony M performed at I-Dance with dj's Move D, Okapi, Vidal and Erka. Katrine Ring performed at Club Chachacha with Disko Trabant.

July 2008

Katrine Ring performed at the afterparty for Mezzoforte.

May 16 2008

Katrine Ring performed her soundscapes Bach Mobil 1-8 with Aarhus Sinfonietta; Canons by Bach/Abrahamsen.

February 2008

CD Nat & Dag with 31 Danish jazz classics out now on Discowax/Warner

February 2008

CD Yellow Lounge; Theavenuefeeling out now on Deutsche Grammophon/Universal. A livemix of classical music from Katrine out now.

April 2007

Katrine & Tony M are residents at Hotel 27, Cph, playing lots of jazz, bossa and soul. Tony M continues his residency at Bar Rouge @ Hotel Skt. Petri.

February 2007

CD The Roots of Scandinavia; Soul, Jazzfunk & Boogie out now on VivaNordica/Warner

April 2005

Katrine Ring receives the Kim Schumacher Deejay Award of Honour.

April 2005

The Jazz Suite returns to Hotel Skt. Petri. Check out the Sahib Shihab cd Sentiments on Storyville. It's re-released with linernotes by Katrine. Sha has also written linernotes to the second album Mirrors from Danish latinfunksters Universal Funk. Vibezone delivers the groove to the Danish Music Awards of Jazz 2005 and at the 50th anniversary of the Maison Du Danemark at Champs Elyssee in Paris.

Januar 2005

2004 was a good year for Vibezone. Our remix of The Comeback of Average Joe by Danish jazzfunksters Bentzon Brotherhood was released january by Freestyle Prod. in the UK. We co-founded Copenhagen Jazzgang, produced a jazzfestival and launched the Straight No Chasers 15th anniversary event with DJ Lubi and visual graphic designer Mitchy Bwoy in Copenhagen. We also started the club The Jazz Suite at the 5-star designer hotel Skt. Petri. We play lots of jazz, brazil, fusion and future breaks. Check


Tony M is resident DJ at Bar Rouge @ Hotel Skt. Petri.

Enter the Vibezone!
Katrine Ring & Tony M