Katrine Ring is a DJ with more than 30 years of experience and she has been awarded twice; the honorable Kim Schumacher Dee Jay Award in 2005 and being included on the list of in the exclusive club of Kraks Blå Bog as the first and so far the only DJ. She is a professional DJ.

DJ Katrine Ring plays for squatters and royalty. She loves boogie, funk, jazz, jazzfunk, disco, brazil, breakbeat and soulful house. She can play award shows, receptions, birthdays, events, outside, indoors, celebrations or just a party. If you like classical music, she can mix classical music like very few DJ’s can worldwide.

As a parallel to her membership in Vibezone, she has her own clubs like Yo!Bebob (jazz), Boogie Night, Funk Down and the club Copenhagen Classical Lounge for classical music. She has had residencies at Cph Jazzhouse, the legendary jazz Club Montmartre, Vega and Rust as well as other significant clubs like the vinyl venue Søhesten. She also gets around in the world and has toured with Danish and Swedish groups.

DJ Katrine Ring is also a sound artist in her own right. As a composer of sound she has a long career in producing realsounds and EFX. She performs concert alone or with collaborating musicians. Check her profile on Soundcloud.