DJ Tony M (aka Stefano Caneschi) is a resident DJ playing clubs, bars and lounges like the renowned Café Brønnum in Copenhagen and the tiki bar Brass Monkey. But he is also a very popular DJ at parties and lounges. He has a vast musical knowledge due to many years of DJ’ing and clubbing in Italy, France, England, Sweden and Denmark. He blends new and old, breakbeats, latin, jazz, jazzfunk, soul, brazil, house and classics into that special atmosphere of Vibezone. He has developed a unique soulful dancefloor style whether he is playing vinyl records or working in USB-style.

DJ Tony M is the moniker for Stefano Caneschi. As a child he won every musical contest on the local radio in his hometown in Tuscany (Italy). He began his professional career as a radio DJ in Florence. His DJ-career kicked off at his own club in the early 1980’s and he initiated a network of alternative clubs in Italy. DJ Tony M is the mastermind behind Vibezone. Vibezone as a concept was founded in the early 90’es in Italy and later exported to Denmark.

DJ Tony M has a long history of DJ’ing in clubs, venues and hotels in Denmark. He brought Vibezone for the dancefloor at Rust from 1999 to 2004 where he built up a yearlong succes with collaborations international guest DJ’s like Mr. Gone and Gilles Peterson as well as the ecclectic club Messin Around from the famous Jazz Café in London. He was a frequent guest DJ in Sweden and England for many years.